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Book: Aron's Journey Home

Anno 3692, as the delirious Watcher Yarnus violently makes his way through the city of Angiyona, the 14-year old Aron, a healer apprentice, gets cut off from his loved ones. As the night falls, he and his dog Yiska flee into the Truyin Forest to wait until the massacre is over.

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Author: Jochem de Jong


Over the centuries, as the Watchers of the Grey Order grew weaker, they developed an all-pervading hunger that eventually could only be satisfied by devouring the lifeforce energy of human beings. If they did not feed, hunger would slowly drive them to madness and beyond. As time passed, the hunger of the Watchers proved impossible to satiate, and slowly they began to descend into madness. It was Yarnus, the Watcher of the city Angiyona that was first to lose control. He would come to destroy the beautiful city he had built himself, and slaughter many of its citizens. In the end, he met his fate at the hand of Teriyas, God of Creation, and the savage army of the Nayil. Yarnus’ death ushered in a new era, where the Watchers were hunted down by Teriyas, in order to protect the Mano people.