The Land of Spirits is a mythological fantasy world brought to life by a community of passionate and diverse artists.

Created by Jochem de Jong


Explore the Land of Spirits throught the works of various authors: Jochem de Jong, Samantha Huson, Luke Reynolds and Paul Balestra, read by Nathaniel Williams.



Delve into the mythology of the Land of Spirits through this poetic adaptation of The Chronicles, written by Jochem de Jong and Paul Balestra, and illustrated by

Verse 1 - The Awakening of the deities


The Ether stirred, a bang resounded
A shimmer appeared in the heavens
The Gods awoke, one by one
Until they rose all seven

Although they had no memories
They all saw glimpses of the future
As children of the Ether
They would be earth’s faithful rulers

However, they were well aware
That despite their Godly powers
They themselves would stir the Ether
And all would be devoured

Verse 2 - Teriyas, God of Creation


First to rise, was Teriyas
Bewondered but assured
Filled with greed, he knew one day
He alone would rule the earth

He would use the Ether
To fill earth’s barren plains
With mountains and with valleys
With oceans and with lakes

A divine realm he would build
Magnificent and pure
Worthy of the one true God
He, who had awoken first

Verse 3 - Anata, Goddess of Nature


Next to rise, was Anata
Strong willed but without joy
The emptiness surrounding her
Would leave her little choice

She would use the Ether
To bring to life these lands
And avowed to fill the earth
with creatures, trees and plants

A new world she would create
With Teriyas at her side
But she soon would come to fear
The hunger in his eyes

Verse 4 - Psikar, God of the Spirit


Next to rise, was Psikar
Inspired and in awe
In the vision of his kin
He only saw one flaw

He would use the Ether
To bespirit and bring light
To all the beings in their realm
That roamed the day or night

He saw the greed and fear
In the actions of his kin
And swore to the Ether
To stay pure and without sin

Verse 5 - Nadale, Goddess of Fire


Next to rise, was Nadale
Galled and underwhelmed
With the intentions of her kin
To build their holy realm

She refused to play her part
Wielding to Ether to create
If there was nothing they could do
To prevent the end of days

She felt her anger swell
As in her mind she saw
She would forever seek for meaning
Where clearly there was none

Verse 6 - Gidiyon, God of the Heavens


Next to rise, was Gidiyon
Afraid but surely driven
By the solace that he found
In Teriyas his vision

He would wield the Ether
To move the endless sky
To start four yearly seasons
And bring the earth to life

He would use his godly powers
With precision and with force
And pledge his life and loyalty
To Teriyas his cause

Verse 7 - Eviyra, Goddess of Beauty


Next to rise, was Eviyra
The saddest of them all
After she awakened
Her tears soon hit the soil

She would wield the Ether
To fill their realm with beauty
And advocate for peace between
The creatures she loved so truly

She knew that she was looked upon
With great envy and desire
And in the eyes of Teriyas
She saw a lustful fire

Verse 8 - Merg, God of War


Last to rise, was Merg
Angry and enraged
All was yet decided
For him there was no place

He would wield the Ether
Causing chaos and dismay
So the realm his kin envisioned
Would never come to be

He would carefully observe
Their reasoning and thoughts
Uncovering their weaknesses
For him to then exploit

Verse 9 - The spirit world


The bodies of the holy seven
Made of flesh and bones
Where merely an illusion
An intuition of their souls

With discipline and practice
They could take on spirit form
And move freely through the Ether
Like a forever raging storm

A disturbance in the Ether though
Could kill them if in reach
So while they built their godly realm
They were forced to keep the peace

Verse 10 - The shaping of the earth


Teriyas, Anata and Psikar
The three Gods that had risen first
Added great monuments of nature
To the barren plains of the earth

Then Gidiyon set the sky into motion
Creating seasons, day and night
Thus came to be the Land of Spirits
A barren world now brought to life

After building up their mighty realm
Merg began to sabotage
The allegiance of his kin
And the leadership of Teriyas

Verse 11 - The Nayil


Despite the feuds between them
The Gods could no longer fight
The primal urge to procreate
For yet another night

But the children that they spawned
Were nothing like the Gods
They were pale and hairless creatures
That were looked upon with disgust

Over the span of many centuries
These creatures grew in numbers
Put to work as immortal soldiers
Of Teriyas his savage army

Verse 12 - The Giant Beasts


Teriyas was first to voice
His wish for more worthy children
And for once all seven Gods
Shared the exact same vision

The Gods bundled their powers
And created the Giant Beasts
Creatures of enormous size
With large teeth, claws and beaks

At the top of the food chain
Was a race of mighty half-giants
These Guyins fought and hunted
By wielding the power of fire

Verse 13 - The Ice Age


Merg fought the Giant Beasts
To prove his warrior’s heart
But Teriyas saw him as a threat
And formed his own vile plot

He declared the Giant Beasts
To be nothing but a blunder
The other Gods did not impede
So to frost the world went under

The cold wiped out the Giant Beasts
But the Guyins fought the snow
Although Teriyas had won the duel
Merg vowed to match his blow

Verse 14 - The creation of the human races


Teriyas then continued
To create a worthy race
And on the plains of Eyonan 
He put his plan into place

The Mano and the Inya
Made in the image of the Gods
Caused Merg and Nadale
To secretly tip the odds

Merg spread discord and distrust
Amongst the creations of his foe
And vowed to corrupt the humans
For failure he planned to sow

Verse 15 - The Mano


The Mano were created
As portraits of the Gods
Strong they were, and bronze in skin
They soon formed powerful bonds

They hunted and they gathered
The God's language they spoke
On the fertile banks of the river Nir
They lived safe in nature’s cloak

They worshiped the divine
And began their own traditions
The Gods were proud and satisfied
Now Teriyas had fulfilled his ambitions

Verse 16 - The Inya


Then the Inya were created
As gracious as could be
Tall with hair light as stone
They resided amongst the trees

In the angelic Soviyat Forest
To the West of the Mano folk
They wrote songs about Eviyra
The Goddess they evoked

Led by their Circle of Elders
Their society grew in charm
They looked deep within
To find the Ether in the calm

Verse 17 - The wrath of Teriyas


Soon Teriyas grew jealous
For it was Eviyra the Inya loved
The Mano shared Teriyas’ rebuke
And a divide arose thereof

Teriyas had the wish to keep
The Mano bloodline pure
So in secret he then spout
To punish the Inya evermore

He tried hard not to reveal
His plan to seal the fate
Of his own divine creation
To satisfy his hate

Verse 18 - The banishment of the Inya


Teriyas possessed a Mano man
And crossed the river one day
He dishonored an Inya woman
As her children watched in dismay

Her husband Aviliyon Ariyon
Chased the man to the water
He took up his ax and killed the man
While the Mano watched the slaughter

The two peoples violently clashed
But the Mano were much stronger
And so the Inya were banished
And allowed back no longer

Verse 19 - The lineage of prophets


The Inya reached the river Riya
And Ariyon was made their lord
But some Inya feared his reign
And left for lands unexplored

The child of lord Ariyon’s wife
Fathered by the deity Teriyas
Was abandoned in the forest
But found by a woodsman at last

The halfgod girl was named Ninte
Her powers no one could grasp
She grew up to be a prophet
The first of her lineage

Verse 20 - The heirs of Aviliyon Ariyon


Ariyon kept the peace for years
But when disease eventually took him
His sons fought for Ariyon’s reign
And things turned violently grim

After the battle had been fought
The remaining Inya were still divided
They separated into Inya clans 
So their people could survive

Over time the clans again grew hostile
And began to feud over land and cattle
Eviyra watched her beloved Inya
Again loose themselves in battle

Verse 21 - The Mountain Folk


An alliance of clans was formed
Even Eviyra they denounced
Into the Teyalus Ring they went
Forming several mountain towns

Centuries passed as they thrived
But their numbers grew too fast
A time of scarcity commenced
And tensions rose at last

The Gindar family seized power
And set new rules and laws
But while they restored the order
The Gods abandoned their cause

Verse 22 - The famine


The Gindar family ruled for years
Until upon them fell a famine
Moriyan Gindar, the 12th monarch
Divided all food in rations

The people revolted against him
And to his stronghold they came
His uncle was struck by an arrow
And died to the poison ingrained

The archer’s life was taken
A father of innocent fault
For Teriyas once again
Planned to launch his assault

Verse 23 - The fall of the Monarchy


At three years old, the archer’s son
Watched his father die
Hunted in his dreams at night
He looked for vengeance all his life 

Together with his next of kin
He united the mountain towns
They joined him in his fight
And he killed the 12th Monarch

The victors left the mountains
To the Northern Lands they went
To end once and for all
The endless war of Inya clans

Verse 24 - The horn of Mateyus Daster


Eviyra found out at last
That born from deceit and lies
A great Inya war was upon them
By the vengeful Teriyas conspired

She tried to broker a peace
Between the feuding clans
To a young warrior she appeared
Divine gifts she showed in her hands

A lance that would give him revenge
Or a horn that would unite his race
He chose the horn and rode out that night
To bring the clans to embrace

Verse 25 - The founding of Inya, City of the Covenant


Although the great Inya war began
It soon came to a riveting halt
As Eviyra begged for peace
And put Teriyas to his fault

Then Teriyas threatened them all
But Eviyra stirred the Ether
An act of sacrifice she committed
For the Inya race was so dear to her

After Teriyas had left the battlefield
The Inya formed a new alliance
A great city was built in the hills
A place of beauty and abundance

Verse 26 - The march of the Mano


Teriyas looked upon the Mano race
And wished for them a better life
The March of the Mano began
To show them how to thrive

After their travels they settled
At the shore of the Great Inner Sea
The first Mano lord was appointed
And the city of Mano came to be

Ether Crystals their lord was given
To secure his leadership position
The seven Gods then left the city
But Merg had a dark vision

Verse 27 - The Grey Order of Watchers


The City of Mano began to thrive
And grew for many years
The guild of alchemists was formed
For the Ether Crystals they held dear

Then Merg cursed the Mano lands
By conjuring a secret crop plague
The Mano suffered and called for help
And Psikar came to their aid

The Grey Order of Watchers was formed
To serve and protect the Mano race
They cured their lands from the plague
Which only fueled Merg’s hate

Verse 28 - The weapon of artifice


Merg appeared for Mano’s first king
And forced him to do his will
And at the edge of the Linar forest
A remote settler’s town was build

In the forest the Guyins resided
Filled with an ancient primal rage
But with the help of Merg’s gifts
A divine sword was made

Merg binded the blacksmith’s soul
To the weapon that he crafted
Then the Guyins destroyed the town
And Merg had what he wanted

Verse 29 - The demise of the Guyins


The Guyins prepared for war
And sailed across the waters
To attack their new enemy
And make the Mano suffer

The Mano prayed to the Gods
To save them from a dark fate
Teriyas sent the Nayil army
To fight alongside the Mano race

In the end the Mano prevailed
And the Guyins were cast out
They were imprisoned by the Nayil
Deep underneath the ground

Verse 30 - The children of Nadale


Nadale had many descendants
Widespread among the Mano race
Her children grew strong and powerful
But were filled with greed and hate

They united and started a civil war
To violently take the king's reign
Many Mano men and women fled
Until Teriyas came to their aid

In secret Teriyas imprisoned Nadale
Which filled Merg with a blind rage
Merg fought Teriyas and the other Gods
But lost and was left to a dark fate

Verse 31 - The Cattle Folk


The ones who had fled to the South
Were named The Cattle Folk
A cattle keeper was amongst them
Of visions of the future he spoke

In the stars he had seen clearly
To gift Mano their most prized oxen
He stole them from his region master
Who had him killed on his return home

But on his body they found a Mano treaty
Bringing the Cattle Folk great wealth
Thus they founded the Guild of Sages
In honor of the cattle keeper’s death

Verse 32 - The founding of Angiyona


The ones who had fled to the East
Were led by Yarnus and Arvenus
Two Watchers who were brothers
And had betrayed each other’s trust

Yarnus chose to leave their village
To relocate and settle in the North
Half of their subjects followed him
To the banks of the Lake of Eranor

Yarnus drew upon his Watcher powers
To build a temple and fertilize the land
Soon after Angiyona was founded
A city thriving under his command

Verse 33 - The founding of Kalur


In the village where Arvenus remained
A young orphan girl lived her days
She was a descendant of Nadale
Who spoke to her through the haze

The girl burned down the village
Forcing them towards Nadale’s prison
There Arvenus’s mind was corrupted
By the promise of endless riches

Arvenus left Nadale imprisoned
And killed the girl out of greed
He built Kalur against the mountains
To mine the Ether Crystals beneath

Verse 34 - The human sacrifices


In a violent fight with Gidiyon
Psikar was badly wounded
The Watchers developed a craving
To feast on the spirits of humans

The Mano agreed to feed them
With the lives of their lesser kin
Where Merg would normally jubilate
His mind had now turned grim

Without Nadale at his side
Merg had lost his ways
To the Ether he had turned
In the hope to learn her fate

Verse 35 - The hunt for the Watchers


Soon the Watchers grew hungry
It was Yarnus who first lost control
He kept feeding on his people
And his powers began to grow

Teriyas came to Angiyona
The Nayil army at his command
After killing the Watcher Yarnus
They rode out to end them all

In the now red stained Lake of Eranor
Arvenus found his brother dead
Before he went into hiding
He vowed to take revenge

Verse 36 - The founding of Irulyar


The people of Angiyona
Roamed the lands to the South
There Kalur sent out its soldiers
To force them to turn about

They settled at the western coast
And soon planned for revenge
They founded the city Irulyar
And launched a violent offense

The Kalur army saw them coming
And prepared for their attack
The battle remain undecided
And both armies retreated back

Verse 37 - The Southern Exiles


The brave captain in charge
Of fighting Kalur’s enemies
Returned home after the battle
To corruption and great hostility

He seized power over the city
And fathered two twin sons of might
After their father died of old age
They were forced to a ritual fight

The twin son who lost the duel
Was exiled from Kalur’s great halls
His following traveled South
The Southern Exiles they were called

Verse 38 - The Abjuration


Irulyar’s king was soon deposed
And another took his place
The city grew and changed
Into a deeply spiritual space

Teriyas then proclaimed himself
To be the One God, ruler of all
He declared that all should follow
Only his supreme rule of law

Opponents of the new regime
Were killed even when unarmed
A large group escaped the city
And formed the tribes of war

Verse 39 - The Nayil foundling


Teriyas dishonoured Eviyra
And fathered a Nayil child
He told Gidiyon to have it killed
But Gidiyon did not comply

Gidiyon hid the child underground
Where the Guyins soon found her
They raised her in a cage for years
Hoping her powers would emerge

She won the trust of the Guyins
Who let her out of her cage
To live amongst their kind
So she could help them escape

Verse 40 - The reclamation of Irulyar


Merg lived amongst the tribes of war
After he saw a future vision of his son
That would help him turn his fate
And bring Nadale back into his arms

Years later Merg’s son was born
He was given the name Yorg
He grew up to be a great leader
And made the tribes of war join forces

They rode out to take back Irulyar
Aided by the Inya warrior guilde
A long and vicious battle took place
But the tribes of war prevailed

Verse 41 - The return of the Watchers


In pursuit of the king of Irulyar
Yorg found Arvenus the Watcher
He pleaded to reunite their Order
To join them against the One God

Teriyas sent the Nayil army
To wipe them off the earth
To prepare Yorg for the fight
Merg gave him his holy sword

The battle soon fell upon them
But they seemed to be no match
Then the Watchers appeared
And turned around the odds

Verse 42 - The fate of the seven deities


Arvenus told to Yorg while drunk
He knew where Nadale was imprisoned
They ventured out together with Merg
And after centuries they finally freed her

Her body scarred and blistered
Nadale broke Arvenus his neck
To Merg she said her farewells
Who knew she would not come back

Nadale unleashed upon Teriyas his vault
An Ether wave that filled the sky with light
The deities all died, except for Merg
Who asked his son Yorg to take his life

Verse 43 - The last great war


Now the deities were gone
Their holy realm started to fade
Slowly the sky lost its motion
And the circle of life decayed

The Guyins escaped their prison
And soon prepared to retaliate
The last great war had begun
To end the Mano and Inya race

And so the Land of Spirits
Became barren as before
The end fell upon the earth
And the story evermore

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The Land of Spirits, anno 4572


The City of Inya, anno 4572


The City of Mano, anno 4572


The City of Kalur, anno 4572


The City of Irulyar, anno 4572


The Cattle Folk territory, anno 4572


The Savages territory, anno 4572


The Southern Exiles territory, anno 4572



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