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Book: Feud of the Gods

Anno 4572, almost forty years after the Abjuration, warrior Jorg Ildrum is to lead his tribe into war against the army of Irulhar. His brothers in arms are ready to follow him into battle, but he stands alone fighting his inner demons.



Author: Jochem de Jong


After Teriyas, God of Creation, proclaimed himself Supreme God, the king and high priest of the city of Irulyar announced the abjuration of the religion of the seven Gods. The king organized a roundup to capture all shamans and opponents of the abjuration. Many Irulyar citizens died that day, but a large group of them managed to flee the city. As they kept being hunted by the Irulyar army, the refugees divided into three nomadic war tribes, named the Deer Tribe, Wolf Tribe and Bear Tribe, that settled around the Red Lake and Truyin Forest. Over the years the war tribes kept eluding the Irulyar army, and managed to survive the cold winters by raiding the merchant parties that traveled between the city of Irulyar and the city of Kalur. At the time that the king of Irulyar forged a plan to get rid of the war tribes for good, rumours began circulating that the fallen God of War had come to these lands to find his beloved Nadale, Goddess of Fire, banished long ago by the Supreme God.