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Story: The Guild of Sages

Anno 2993, cattle keeper Alyart Dunedas, has foreseen great fortune for his master’s family, if they would only gift their last prize oxen to the King of Mano. After his master refuses, Alyart takes his teenage son Nuri on a dangerous journey to prove his visions are real.



Author: Paul Balestra

Storyline: Jochem de Jong

Editor: Jochem de Jong

Chief editor: Matt Elliott

Voice: Nathaniel Williams

Cover art: Gao Jian


Anno 2758, a large group of descendants of Nadale, Goddess of Fire, made a violent attempt to overrun the city of Mano and overthrow the king’s reign. With the help of the Grey Order of Watchers, their plot was foiled, but nonetheless resulted in a long lasting violent civil war, which spread to the other cities in the kingdom. In order to escape the continuous bloodshed, large groups of citizens were forced to flee the kingdom to seek shelter elsewhere. One group of refugees fled the civil war from the southernmost island of the Black Archipel to form the Cattle Folk. They were a poor people, who over the centuries became experts in breeding strong and inexhaustible oxen and horses. What they weren’t aware of though, is that Gidiyon, God of the Heavens, lived among the Cattle Folk in secret, possessing many different men and women, and causing all kinds of suffering and disarray. Over the centuries, his bloodline mixed with that of the Cattle Folk people, as he fathered many children among them. His descendants, who called themselves Sages, were able to predict the future by looking at the patterns and movement in the night sky, which, with the help of natural hallucinogens, would trigger visions in them.