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Story: The wrath of Teriyas

Anno 1236, Nevayi, a young woman from the early Inya settlement in the Soviyat Forest, finds herself at the center of a rapidly escalating conflict with the Mano. As the Inya and the Mano raise arms against each other, she tries to save her family from a violent death.



Author: Luke Reynolds

Storyline: Jochem de Jong

Editor: Jochem de Jong

Chief editor: Matt Elliott

Voice: Nathaniel Williams

Cover art: Davor Maricic


In an attempt to show the other deities his supremacy, Teriyas, God of Creation, proudly created two human races modeled after the Gods themselves: the Mano and the Inya. The Mano were created to resemble the deities in their physical form. Strong men and women with a slightly bronzed skin tone, clear eyes and hair the color of tree bark. They were a resourceful and studious people, and grateful for the gifts and guidance of the deities. The Inya were created slightly taller and more slender than the Mano and their hair and skin was of a paler hue. They moved in more gracious ways compared to the Mano and revered Eviyra, Goddess of Beauty, above all. Teriyas found the Inya ungrateful and disrespectful for worshipping Eviyra but ignoring him, their true creator. As the Mano men began to seek the companionship of the Inya women, Teriyas was disgusted, and became determined to keep the bloodline of the Mano pure. He had to find a way to get rid of the Inya, without having to admit to the other deities his creation was flawed…