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Book: Weapon of Artifice

Anno 2457, Young maiden Anira travels with her parents to the remote settler village Varna, so her father and his guardsmen can restore the order after the village has been pillaged by strange creatures that roam the surrounding woods.



Author: Jochem de Jong

Chief editor: Matt Elliott

Voice: Nathaniel Williams

Cover art: Davor Maricic


After the formation of the Grey Order of Watchers, peace in the city of Mano was restored, and the crop plague—secretly caused by Merg, God of War, and Nadale, Goddess of Fire—was purged from the city’s farming estates. In the centuries that followed, Mano grew into a prosperous city. Well aware of the great threat lurking in the Linar Forest, Merg appeared in secret to the King and convinced him to expand his kingdom further to the north-west. He insisted that the King order the palace’s master swordsmith, who went by the name of Ervingal Danu, to found a settler village on the western bank of the river Dayno at the edge of the great Linar Forest. By doing so, Merg would not only be able to cast his dark shadow over the Mano people once more, exposing them to grave danger, but he would also be able to manipulate Ervingal Danu into creating a weapon for him that was truly worthy of the Gods.