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Story: The Helm of Power

Anno 3736, the seasoned captain of the Kalur infantry, Hadar Gerardus, marches out to defend his beloved city against the vengeful Irulyar army that is moving in through the Vayda mountain range, looking to steal Kalur’s riches and deceptively beautiful Ether Crystals.



Author: Paul Balestra

Storyline: Jochem de Jong

Editor: Jochem de Jong

Chief editor: Matt Elliott

Voice: Nathaniel Williams


After the city of Angiyona was destroyed in the battle between the deranged Watcher Yarnus and the savage army of the Nayil, its remaining citizens wandered the eastern coast for many years, sustaining themselves through fishing in the ocean and hunting the coastal plains. However, as they moved further south, taking them to the foot of the Vayda Mountains, a division of the Kalur military was deployed to violently chase them away. One of the noblemen among the wanderers, named Qela Leyonart, lost his family in this unprovoked attack. His hunger for revenge grew over the years and led him to found the city of Irulyar, where he was crowned king, fiercely committed to strike back at the city of Kalur, doing as much damage to his enemy as he possibly could.