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Story: The Southern Exiles

Anno 3762, high commander Hadar Gerardus died of old age, leaving the struggling city-state of Kalur in the hands of his two rivaling identical twin sons. Both claiming to be Gerardus’ firstborn son Anamar, the strife between the twins resulted in a violent conflict.



Author: Paul Balestra

Storyline: Jochem de Jong

Editor: Jochem de Jong

Chief Editor: Matt Elliott

Voice: Nathaniel Williams


For centuries, Gidiyon, God of the Heavens, served Teriyas, God of Creation, in educating the Mano race, and building their society on the eastern shore of the Great Inner Sea. Being Teriyas’ second hand man, always in his shadow, Gidiyon grew more and more jealous of the God of Creation. Anno 2858, Gidiyon decided he wanted his own humans to play with. He chose the relatively newly established society of the Cattle Folk, who, about a century earlier, had fled the Mano capital out of fear for the relentless Children of Nadale. Teriyas didn’t seem to care much about the Cattle Folk, who he regarded as cowards, not worthy of the Mano race. This gave Gidiyon the opportunity to, in secret, exercise his sadistic needs by possessing many of the Cattle Folk men and women over the centuries, having a profound and disruptive influence on their society. Anno 3248, Psikar, God of the Spirit, found out what Gidiyon had been up to, and was appalled by his actions. When Psikar confronted Gidiyon, they fought, and Psikar was permanently wounded. Gidiyon made Psikar swear to tell nobody about his involvement with the Cattle Folk. And although, in his weakened state, Psikar had no choice than to obey Gidiyon, he swore to one day take revenge. This is why, when he saw his chance several centuries later, Psikar set in motion the events that would create a new war hungry society, referred to as The Southern Exiles, to help him secretly destroy Gidiyon’s precious Cattle Folk.