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Book: Bound to Fate

Anno 3789, first captain Uliyana of the Southern Exiles army is on a mission to raid the eastern villages of the Cattle Folk, in honor of her father Anamar Gerardus. Plagued by an evil spirit, she tries to remain true to herself and empathetic to the suffering of her victims.



Author: Paul Balestra

Storyline: Jochem de Jong

Editor: Jochem de Jong


After the death of Hadar Gerardus, High Commander of the city state of Kalur, his twin sons Anamar and Erunir disagree over who is to inherit their fathers position. Manipulated by Psikar, God of the Spirit, the brothers duel to the death over the rulership of Kalur. Anamar loses the duel, but is saved by a group of soldiers that is loyal to him. After they are cast out of the city, Psikar promises Anamar a prosperous future if he agrees to travel south and fight the Cattle Folk for him. Although he knows Psikar is responsible for his banishment, Anamar obeys the God’s wishes, travels south and starts raiding the western Cattle Folk villages for food, weapons and, most importantly, women to continue their bloodlines. On Psikar’s insistence, Anamar himself is first to marry a captured Cattle Folk woman named Alina, after which Psikar disappears from Anamar’s life. At least, so it seems.