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Story: A Legacy of Deceit

Anno 2325, during a merciless famine that threatens the future of the mountain folk, Ingomar Yenat tries to secure a future for his wife and three young sons. About to fall prey to an unknown sickness he has been hiding from them, his time is running out.



Author: Jochem de Jong

Chief editor: Matt Elliott

Voice: Nathaniel Williams

Cover art: Davor Maricic


After a number of rivaling Inya clans formed an alliance and settled further southwest in the mountain forests of the Teyalus ring, three thriving mountain villages emerged. Over the centuries, their numbers grew too fast, which ultimately caused a long period of scarcity. The tension between the three mountain villages grew, until the Gindar family assumed leadership and tried to restore order. Several generations long the Gindar family monarchs ruled the Mountain Folk in a righteous manner, but when a dawning famine threatened their survival, the 12th monarch, named Moriyan Gindar, rationed all leftover food supplies and so passed a potential death sentence over many of the old and sick villagers in order to save the few families in power. Unfortunately the situation in the mountain villages worsened quickly, after which the villagers embarked in a collective advance march to the fortress of the Monarch, to beg him for food.