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Book: Born out of Fire

Anno 2809, as orphan Esma reaches womanhood, her divine heritage as one of the descendants of Nadale begins to emerge. Through visions, Esma remembers a secret her father told her, awaiting his execution, that could help her build a new life for herself.



Author: Samantha Huson

Storyline: Jochem de Jong

Editor: Jochem de Jong


During the violent civil war that took place after the Children of Nadale made an attempt to overtake the city of Mano, a large group of wealthy families escaped to the Geron Forest. They were led by two Watchers, named Yarnus and Arvenus, who had been rivaling brothers in their mortal existence. Although the brothers initially honored the Gray Order’s sacred oath to serve the people of Mano above all else, they eventually let their unresolved past come between them. Their strife caused a rift between the families, who, when Yarnus decided to leave the Geron Forest, were forced to choose sides. In the end, a large number of families decided to follow Yarnus to the north. After Yarnus left, the forest settlement thrived under Arvenus’ leadership. At the same time, Nadale, Goddess of Fire, imprisoned by Teriyas after her children almost caused the demise of the city of Mano, saw a chance to lure Arvenus closer to her, through one of her descendants among his people, hoping to escape.