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Story: The Abjuration

Anno 4533, shaman daughter Ayanda tries to escape the city walls of Irulhar during the Abjuration of the old Gods. She is forced to leave her parents behind in the burning city to prevent the Chronicles of Elseron Danu from being lost forever.



Author: Jochem de Jong

Chief editor: Matt Elliott

Voice: Nathaniel Williams

Cover art: Davor Maricic


It was king Alon Diyanur, a distant descendant of both Psikar, God of the Spirit, and Gidiyon, God of the Heavens, who grew Irulyar into a great city with a deep-rooted religious tradition. Under his reign, the people of Irulyar worshipped all seven Gods equally, and founded the guild of shamans, which consisted of descendants of the Gods that were able to wield their powers to benefit the city and its citizens. Several centuries went by, and Irulyar flourished. But then all changed. Anno 4533, Teriyas, God of Creation, proclaimed himself Supreme God. He made the other Gods his servants and forbade the citizens in Irulyar - and all other Mano societies in his realm - to worship any other God than him. The city of Irulyar lapsed into chaos, as the city's king and high priest announced the abjuration of the religion of the seven Gods, all to please Teriyas, God of Creation, to be worshiped as the One God, ruler of all.