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Book: The Grey Order

Anno 1894, at the time of the crop plague and an infamous gang of robbers raiding the city of Mano and the surrounding estates, farm worker and soon-to-be father Arvenus decides to join the Grey Order of Watchers to play his part in restoring the order.



Author: Samantha Huson

Storyline: Jochem de Jong

Editor: Jochem de Jong

Chief editor: Matt Elliott

Voice: Nathaniel Williams


After the Gods led the Mano on a long march through the Land of Spirits, they reached the eastern shore of the Large Inner Sea, where they founded a city, known simply as ‘Mano’. When the first steward of Mano was appointed, steward Daviyan Alderik, the Gods returned to their burrow in the Nirta Mountains. Under the leadership of steward Daviyan Alderik and his descendants, the knowledge the deities bestowed upon the Mano was put to industrious use. The city of Mano was built up, farms, fields and orchards were laid out in the city outskirts, and several landlords were appointed to oversee the cultivation of livestock and crops in their respective farm regions. However, despite the great efforts of the city stewards and their landlords, a food shortage arose within a century since the foundation of the city, all due to a crop plague that destroyed the yield of the harvest many years in a row. The Mano suffered from hunger and poverty, and crime grew quickly. An infamous gang of robbers was formed who plundered the landlords' scarce supplies and terrorised the city. Something had to be done to save the Mano society from its downfall.