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Story: The Red Lake

Anno 3692, the Watcher Yarnus, driven mad by an insatiable hunger, made his way through the city of Angiyona, feeding on his terrified subjects. In their despair, the citizens prayed to Teriyas, God of Creation, who came to their aid leading the savage army of the Nayil.



Author: Samantha Huson

Storyline: Jochem de Jong

Editor: Jochem de Jong

Chief editor: Matt Elliott

Voice: Nathaniel Williams

Cover art: Gao Jian


When Psikar, God of the Spirit, was permanently wounded in a fight with Gidiyon, God of the Heavens, anno 3248, the power of some of Psikar’s incantations diminished over time. So did the incantation from which the Watchers derived their immortality. As a result, the Watchers suddenly began to grow weak. Over the centuries, they developed an all-pervading hunger that could only be satisfied by devouring the lifeforce energy of other bespirited creatures. Animals would nurture them, but not nearly as well as human beings. If the Watchers did not feed, hunger would slowly drive them to madness and beyond, to the point that their minds and bodies became so brittle they died a gruesome death. For a time, it was common for the heads of houses to conceive children with their concubines, in order to sacrifice them to the Watcher that was assigned to their lands. However, as time passed, the hunger of the Watchers proved impossible to satiate. Slowly the Watchers began to descend into madness, and it was Yarnus, the Watcher of the city Angiyona that was first to lose control.