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Story: Resurgence

Anno 2376, in an attempt to create a better life for her kin, Yine, the 54 year old leader of a Inya refugee settlement, plans on building a new prosperous city up north. With the help of the whole village, she sets a trap to capture a slave army of Guyins from the Linar Forest.

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Author: Samantha Huson

Storyline: Jochem de Jong

Editor: Jochem de Jong


After almost two decades of famine and oppression, three of the Mountain Folk villages raised arms against their Monarch, Moriyan Gindar. After a brutal battle the Monarch was slain within the walls of his stronghold. However, before the enemy could fully invade the stronghold, some of the Monarch’s kin and their servant families managed to escape from a refuge chamber leading them through the Harkan Pass to the plains west of the Teyalus Ring. There, driven by hunger and decades of grievance, one of the servant girls murdered the Monarch's remaining kin, and asserted herself as a new ruler. For a decade or so, they lived like nomads, wandering the plains west of the Teyalus Ring, until they settled at the northern edge of the Linar Forest. There they were the first humans to encounter the ancient race of half-giants: the Guyins.